In Case You Missed It: What the Critics Are Saying About Girls, True Blood, & Mad Men

Vulture serves up another oh-so-quippy recap of last night’s Girls. Ugh, are we the only ones who found Hannah’s personality a whole lot less endearing?

This is one of the most direct episodes to dates — direct in that it confronts the issues that viewers and critics have had of the show, and of Dunham herself. And instead of making any apologies, the show raises its middle finger and sticks out its tongue simultaneously.

Let’s sink our teeth into a whole new season of True Blood (and recaps too). So, what’s the best part of Rolling Stone‘s rehashing? Their opinion on who took the cake that episode (humans or vampires).

Welcome back to Bon Temps, where we pick up where we left off at the end of last season. There’s no time jumps, no departures to the fairy homeland and, for the time being, no new supernaturals to take stock of. Instead, we’re given a roller coaster ride of a Season Five premiere, aptly titled “Turn! Turn! Turn!,” that sees a pretty significant power shift put in motion.

We can’t believe another great season of Mad Men just came and went (tear). So we checked in with Tom and Lorenzo for their take and got a lesson in the art of Mad Men recap writing 101.

Don Draper would be appalled by this, but we’re about to give away a professional secret. We’re about to tell you how to write a Mad Men recap. It’s very simple. First, you watch the latest episode. Then, you watch it again. If you’re lucky and observant, you won’t have to watch it a third time. See, what you want to do is find that one line of dialogue that sums up the entire episode. Matt Weiner and company are very thoughtful about making sure that tired reviewers like us will be able to find it. In fact, Season 5 almost felt like a love letter to the show’s legion of recappers and reviewers because sometimes there was more than one line per episode that could reasonably serve as the thesis statement.

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