In Case You Missed It: What the Critics Are Saying About The Girls Season Finale

Considering that last night was the season finale of Girls (tear), we’re consulting recap after recap just to make sense of everything that happened in the episode. With Marnie moving out, Jessa getting married, Shoshanna going home with Ray, and Adam getting hit by a car, it feels like we just watched an entire season.

As always, Vulture is fast to turn on the snark.

So there you have it: Forget financial security or emotional stability or whatever, real adulthood comesfrom a poorly thought-out marriage to a guy you think is gross. It would beamazing if this show sparked a thousand such ceremonies, where the hipsters of Williamsburg and the Wall Street guys who live in the lofts on the river started getting married en masse. Peace at last!

Crushable praises the oh-so evocative closing scene.

Falling asleep on the train andriding it to the very end, and getting your purse stolen along the way—now that’s the quintessential Millennial New York City experience. Hannah totters off the F train at God-knows-what-hour and wanders barefoot to Coney Island, where she sits in the sand eating her piece of wedding cake. It’s a throwback to the jarring shot of Hannah munching on a cupcake in the shower from the pilot, but it’s clear that in the intervening episodes she’s matured somewhat. Plus, for a show crammed with dialogue and snappy jokes, this wordless sequence was gorgeous.

Slate’s culture critic, Meghan O’Rourke interviews Lena Dunham about the finale and the process of writing the show.

I have more fun writing Adam than doing almost anything. He is such a thrill to write for and as an actor he can do anything. He’s really only scratched the surface of what Adam Driver is capable of. I also think he’s really great-looking. I find the character really sexy, so I was curious about whether anybody would have that reaction to him.

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