An Insider’s Guide to Canyon Ranch


Our Associate Creative Director, Rachel, bought a Canyon Ranch weekend on Rue – and brought us back the inside scoop on how to make the most of the luxury at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA.

Pack It In:
Bring workout pants and tops, extra underpinnings and socks, and sneakers for outdoor hikes and indoor classes. (Note: Some workout rooms prohibit black soles.) And don’t forget a bathing suit for pool classes or just enjoying the outdoor pool.

Here’s the Rub:
Before you go, book your facials and massages in order to get prime times. The ideal slot is 5:30PM. Finish the day’s workout (most classes end at 5PM), and have time for a quick shower before your service. Also, if you’re getting a facial, arrive with a list of your current products – their very versed facialists will ask.

Dinner Date:
Make dinner reservations in advance of your arrival, too. The time around 7PM gets very busy and that’s the time you’ll want to go. You’ll be starving after your massage.

Hunger Games:
Speaking of starving, the time between lunch and dinner can feel long when you’re exercising like mad. Grab the ripe seasonal fruit as you leave lunch. After dinner, ask for the snacks they keep in the fridge behind the hostess stand: almond butter and crackers, nuts, and the unbelievable trail mix bars.

Movie Night:
Be sure to browse the library of movie favorites. They’re free and feature lots of new releases. On Saturday night, you’ll have fewer picks, so make your choices at check-in.

Bookish Types:
There are also books in every room. Just be sure to pick one you can finish during your stay.

Demo Job:
The lunch and learn food demonstrations are known to have some of the best menu items, and you receive the recipes, too.

Take it Outside:
Just past the dining room, a doorway leads outside to a hidden path. Follow this path to Café Jardin, where the menu is more relaxed (grilled salmon skewers, anyone?) but equally delicious. I loved eating under the arbor with a view of rolling hills and the Berkshire Mountains. Have lunch here on your last day, and take some healthy baked goods in a coffee cup for the ride home.

Don’t Miss:
Blueberry whole wheat pancakes, coconut ice cream, the kettle bell classes, cold peach soup, sitting in the Adirondak chairs behind the dining area with a book, or sampling the various herbal iced teas all over the property.

Departure Details:
And last of all, you can stay until 5PM on departure day. But you may want to hit nearby Sheffield, where there are loads of antique shops, which close at 5PM, so plan accordingly. (I came home with a vintage Rolling Stones poster.)

Our Last-Minute Escape: Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA Boutique opens Thursday, August 9, at 11AM ET.

By Rachel Solomon, Associate Creative Director

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