Denim Downer: Canada Objects to the “Canadian Tuxedo”

Our friends in Canada have given us many things to be grateful for. Convenient travel to cities like Vancouver, Montreal, and Halifax. The longest-running television show in the history of mankind (CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada). Michael Bublé. Justin Bieber. And, the unique fashion phenomenon sometimes known as the “Canadian Tuxedo” – pairing denim with denim.

DENIM DOWNER: Canada Objects to the 'Canadian Tuxedo'

Well, now at least one Canadian is taking a stand against the denim-on-denim trend being distinctly Canadian, according to New York Magazine:

Blogger and tuxedo enthusiast Peter Marshall just discovered the phrase “Canadian Tuxedo” after stumbling upon the denim-on-denim tribute site, And, man, is he miffed (for a mild-mannered Canadian, that’s like a Hulk-level of rage), reports the Wall Street Journal. Marshall… couldn’t believe that Americans would assign such an unsophisticated look to his countrymen.

Unsophisticated? We’re not so sure, Marshall – dark denim paired with chambray is pretty much our jam over here. #ruetuxedo

Read the source article at New York Magazine.

By Mike DiLorenzo, VP of Audience Development 

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