Work Hard, Decorate Hard: Build Your Home Office

The key to a productive home-office environment? Keeping it professional, even if a homemade lunch is steps away. Ensure your chair is comfortable enough to sit in all day, but not too comfortable (i.e., stay away from recliners). And for the sake of your eyes, double up – both overhead and task lighting are musts. But before all that, you have to build the area. Follow these guidelines to get started.

How to Build a Productive Home Office

The Space
Try to carve out a separate location. If not a different room, pick a corner visibly detached from cozy areas that feel personal. Your mind should automatically associate this space with work.

The Desk
Do you need an L-shaped option with room for a computer and extra reading space? Or a deep rectangular desk for sketching? Think about how your work and space will coexist.

The Setup
Imagine working. Picture where you will naturally reach for files, pens, or the phone. Then, you’ll know exactly where to place your essentials.

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