After Mimosas: 3 Bridal Shower Games From Guest Blogger Annie Dean

The miniature sandwiches have been devoured, the crystal vases unwrapped, and the air is full of champagne bubbles and hopeful chatter. It’s time for a few lighthearted – perhaps slightly silly – wedding shower games. Here, we turn to entertaining expert Annie Dean.


Pin the Moustache on the Groom
Here’s the chance to get silly and giggle like little girls at a birthday party. Deck out your bride with a silk sleep mask (hers to keep for the honeymoon) and spin her around one time for each of the years she’s been dating her groom. Wish her luck as she places an adhesive moustache on his photo. Each of the bridesmaids should follow suit. Up the ante: the gal with the best-placed moustache goes home with a sleep mask of her own.

Recipe Swap
A bridal shower often means helping a couple establish their relationship… with their kitchen. Ask each shower guest to submit, to the maid of honor via email, a recipe that represents a family tradition. The maid of honor will handwrite the recipes on recipe cards.

At the shower, the hostesses will present the bride with the recipe cards, either in an album or a recipe tin. The bride will then try to guess which guest submitted each recipe, and the guest who gave the recipe will respond with a quick story about the tradition the recipe represents. This is great for a shower attended by the bride’s parents and grandparents.

Something Old, Something New (for Grooms, Too)
Hosting a coed bridal shower? Set up this game for three couples: the bride & groom, one “old” couple, and one “new.” Place six chairs in a straight line – men on one side, women on the other. Give each of the six volunteers a chalkboard, a piece of chalk, and an eraser. (Idea: repurpose the boards as whimsical place settings for the wedding.)

The bridesmaids will then ask questions such as, “What is your partner’s favorite thing to do on a Saturday?” or “What is the place he/she would most like to travel?” The couples write their answers on the chalkboards for all of the guests to see, and the couple with the most matching answers wins. Sweeten the deal and send the winning couple home with a bottle of champagne to enjoy together.

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