Time to Shake It

We’re big fans of getting pampered (then again, who isn’t?), so when we heard about exhale mind body spa partnering with Revel Resorts to create BASK, a new spa and wellbeing concept, we jumped at the chance to learn more. Here, we sat down with an exhale insider to get all the indulgent deets on the beachfront sanctuary and their unique “Shake Your Chakra” grand opening weekend happening June 8 – June 10, 2012.

Rue La La: Atlantic City is such a lively spot for a relaxing spa – what’s your absolute favorite pampering therapy to indulge in after an exhausting night out?
exhale: Depends on how exhausting the night was! Sometimes a yoga chill class plus an hour in our bathhouse is enough for a quick reset. But if it’s a really rough night, I need a cool beam facial – it’s a life-saver.

Rue La La: To kick things off, you’re offering the Shake Your Chakra Weekend Retreat – what kind of activities can guests expect there?
exhale: The intention is to shake things up, from head to toe and from inside to outside. The activities combine the best of exhale’s offering with Revel’s beautiful landscape. Events and workshops focus on fitness, beauty, and healing and are all lead by exhale’s experts, leaders, and founders.

Rue La La: Is it just for experienced yoga/core fitness fans, or would beginners be able to keep up?
exhale: It’s great for everyone! Our fitness classes are open to guests of all skill levels and there will be plenty of support from exhale teachers to assist beginner students.

Rue La La: Sounds amazing – we wish we had that just-left-a-retreat feeling right now!
exhale: Definitely – it leaves you totally invigorated! The Shake Your Chakra weekend will give guests a bit of boost and reset.

-By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

Shake Your Chakra with exhale mind body spa and Revel Resort June 8 – June 10.

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