It's a Blogger's World (We Just Live in It)


Guy style – a whole summer’s worth. Take laptop to patio. Crack beer. All set? Read on.

1. Style Girlfriend
A girlfriend’s perspective on a guy’s getup. Perk: she’ll never borrow your sweaters and dub them her own style statement.

2. The Dandy Project
Okay. So organza doesn’t exactly reek of masculinity. But Izzy makes it work. Writing + photography = irresistibly superb.

3. Unabashedly Prep
There’s nothing like hovering on the cusp of Memorial Day weekend to get us in the mood for prep.  So go ahead: pop your collar. Eat a lobster roll.

4. Kempt
UrbanDaddy’s style blog. Enough said. You’re welcome.

Now, break.

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