Locks and Trinkets Shares Her Latest Rue Obsession

Ever since the Rue La La bus ride on our Road to Magic I have developed a slight obsession with the site. Rue La La’s timed sales have you feeling like you’re on Supermarket Sweep and have to pack your cart before time is out! (Did I just date myself? Supermarket Sweep? Anyone?)

So I set my alarm bright and early to get these Cynthia Rowley wedges and I’m so glad that I did. They are the perfect combination of height and comfort. These wedges are almost 6 inches and are more comfortable then some of my 4-inch heels. A girl always needs a pair of heels she can walk in all day without catching a case of the hobbles. (Yes, we’ve all been victim to them at some point in our lives.)

Needless to say, I was happy that Rue helped contribute to my shoe addiction. I see more alarms being set in the future!

Photos by Daniel Andre



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