Blogger Spotlight: A Chat with NYCPretty

With a rocking surfer bod and a girly-meets-sporty vibe, NYCPretty blogger Christine Bibbo Herr is pure fashion and fitness inspiration. So we jumped at the opportunity to have her curate a Boutique for us – filled with all her favorite picks. Here, we sat down with the blogger herself to talk style, what to expect in the Boutique, and, of course – New York Fashion Week.

Tell us about the Boutique you’re curating for Rue. ­Do you have any favorite pieces?
My style is definitely a mix of girly girl and sporty surfer chic. Some call me a tomboy in heels. So I put together a mix of fun, flirty pieces mixed with colorful and playful picks that I can run around town in (like bright poppy jeggings). I also LOVE stand-out accessories and mixing prints, and I think my Boutique provides Members with some great options to do this on their own!

So what’s the one essential item in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?
Two things… My high-top Converse (sporty) and a poufy sequined mini skirt (girly)!

What inspired you to start NYCPretty?
I was a fashion editor for about 13 years at a bunch of different glossies and decided that I needed a change. I started freelancing to give me more time to find my own passion. While I was freelancing, I had more time to put energy and focus into my own site where I could use my strong media background to showcase my own personal style. The industry responded with lots of enthusiasm and the momentum has been mind blowing. NYCPretty has become a full-time job (with freelance styling and consulting on the side) that I love!

Let’s talk Fashion Week. Any highlights?
I went BONKERS when Bill Cunningham took my picture on the street during Fashion’s Night Out! He is such a legend and it was an honor to have him snap a shot of me. I am also a huge Betsey Johnson fan, so attending her show (and 70th birthday party) on Tuesday night with Cindy Lauper was amazing.

Fitness is a big portion of your blog. Do you have any secrets to getting that coveted surfer bod?
I definitely have to do SOME form of exercise once a day. Not only to stay fit, but it’s also a mental “check out” for me. When I don’t have time to fit in a quick sweat sesh, I actually have less energy and feel off my game. I mix up my workouts from day to day depending on the weather, my mood, etc. Some days a run in Central Park is the answer, or on weekends I try to get to the beach to surf and lose myself in the ocean.

Our NYCPretty’s Fashion, Bauble, & Bag Picks Boutique opens September 14, at 11AM ET.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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