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The Breakers Palm Beach

Down to earth
Contrary to what you may think, a vacation is great to take with kids. The key to making this happen: Choose a destination and accommodations that are age appropriate. The Breakers is such a classic, established hotel that doesn’t immediately scream “kid friendly,” but once we were there I was pleasantly surprised. The staff goes out of their way to ensure that people of every age feel comfortable and welcome. Extensive thought was put into creating an environment with a space for everyone to relax – alone or together.

Up in the air
When it comes to traveling with kids, certain carry-on items are a must. A few of mine: Hand sanitizers (you never quite feel like your hands get clean on an airplane, and they’re great for cleaning up after the kids), hand cream, a gentle face moisturizer, and lip balm (that both myself and the kids can use – it gets dry in the cabin, especially on long flights), and a variety of books. I also never check anything of real value to me. If I’d be sad and sorry to lose it, it stays with me in my carry-on luggage. This includes kids’ blankets and any other much-loved comforts.

Around the hotel
The Breakers offers so many fantastic choices for families. I love that they have both a family and adult-only swimming pool, a spa, fitness center, a kids’ club (for ages 3-12), a kids’ entertainment center, two golf courses, and an excellent array of restaurants for every mood and occasion. The Italian Restaurant has an adjacent, supervised kids’ play area so parents can truly enjoy a long meal while kids head off for safe fun without the logistics and expense of hiring a babysitter. Absolutely ideal!

At the end of the day
Our oceanfront rooms had amazing beach and ocean views. An entire wall was comprised of windows, with a waterview front and center. Nighttime was our favorite time of day, as the water was lit up and you could watch big fish come inland for feeding. Our whole experience was mesmerizing.

The Breakers Palm Beach Boutique opens Thursday, August 5, 2010 at 11AM ET.


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