A Closet Obsession: America’s Biggest Walk-In

A walk-in closet? These days, it’s only a figment of my imagination. But Theresa Roemer, a former beauty queen in Houston, has hit the jackpot — her fabulous wardrobe calls this 3,000-square-foot closet home. Affectionately nicknamed the “she-cave,” the three-story space is as tidy as it is impressive. How ever does she keep those Birkins, Louboutins, and H-clad belts so orderly? Theresa shared her organizing secrets with FabSugar, and whether your storage is minimal or endless, we think these three tips are worth trying.

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1Everything must be seen, or it won’t be worn.
I’m a “shove everything in the drawer” kind of girl. Apparently, this breaks one of Theresa’s golden rules. “Explore shelving options to make sure all items are visible,” she says.

2. Categorize and put similar items together.
Placing all of your shoes or dresses in the same area means less time fumbling around for that perfect outfit. Hello, time-saver.

3. Make the space yours.
Have a stiletto obsession? Grab another shoe rack. A scarf collection ready for its moment on the The Coveteur? Towel racks can double as a hanger. Each closet is different – customize your space (no matter the size) to fit your individual needs.

Now, in my tiny apartment, space is a commodity. But if someone with a closet the size of a townhouse can keep everything organized, you bet I’ll work on cleaning up my act (and my room).

Read more of Theresa’s closet tricks here.

By Mairead McGonagle, Staff Writer

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