The Big Switch: Retire Your Summer Carry-All

We already know about a few perks of the coming fall months, but here’s one more. After a season filled with sunscreen, sand, and (hopefully) lots of traveling, your light summer handbag is probably due for a little R&R. I know mine is.

As far as I can tell, there isn’t an exact time to make the switch. My suggestion? Wait until around the third week in September. That way, the warmest of the late-summer days have passed and, with apple-picking season in full swing, people are really starting to get into the autumn state of mind. So you’ve got the time, now for the how:

Before packing it up:

  1. Clean it: Make sure to toss those old receipts and gum wrappers, then wipe it down with alcohol-free baby wipes so it’s as good as new next summer (or better yet, add the inevitable loose coins at the bottom to the new bag fund).
  2. Stuff it: Instead of stuffing your bag with tissue paper, try using bubble wrap. This alternative still helps your bag keep its shape but doesn’t attract moths.
  3. Bag it: Yes, those dust bags have an actual use. Keep your carry-all protected.
  4. Store it: Find a safe place to keep your bags until next year rolls around. Make sure it’s away from moisture and any direct sunlight.


Before breaking it out:

  1. Pick it: This season is all about structure. Choose a bag that’s bold enough to stand up to the trend, but still speaks to your personal style.
  2. Match it: To your body type, that is. That’s right, different bag shapes and sizes complement different body types.
      • Full upper half: Go with bags that accentuate your lower half to balance things out, like messenger and cross-body bags.
      • Full hips and legs: Pull the attention upward with a shorter strapped handbag that hits around your belly button.
      • Straight hips and waist: Add some dimension to your silhouette with a cross-body bag with bright colors and bold embellishments.
      • Curvy: Stick with oversized varieties in solid colors.
      • Petite: Seek out vertical-shaped bags with similar detailing to elongate your frame.
  3. Pack it: Stock up on all the essentials. Aside from the handbag staples, I suggest throwing in a few bobby pins, a compact pair of gloves (trust me on this – they come in handy as it gets cooler), band-aids, and a small wristlet.
  4. Flaunt it: Aside from becoming a regular Mary Poppins with your ready-for-anything additions, your perfectly seasonal arm candy will be the envy of, well, everyone.


By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

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