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A Guide to the Best, Worst, & Weirdest Eyebrow Trends of 2017

StyleCaster | Frances Dean

Say what you will about 2017, but there’s no getting around the fact that this year has been the year of the brow. From bold to arched to barely-there – it seemed like dramatic brows were the new must-have, and trends changed faster than we could scroll through Instagram. Sure, they got kind of crazy at times, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t get a hint of brow envy each time we spotted a creative new design.

So, in celebration of the many, many different eyebrows that graced our social feeds this year, we curated a list of 11 of the most memorable looks ahead. And even though some may have only lasted for a hot second, they will live on in our hearts. Ahead, check out our favorite (and not-so-favorite) brow trends of 2017.

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The Squiggle Brow

As the OG of this year’s brow trends, the squiggle brow was one of the most imitated looks, making waves (ha) across social media.

Credit: @sadsalvia/Instagram

The No Brow

The “no brow” is just what it sounds like, stripping off those eyebrows and going hair-free.

Credit: @kapasovia/Instagram

The Negative-Space Brow

A relatively new trend, the negative-space eyebrow is great for those who want that browless look but may not be so wax-happy. The look can be created by applying a pale eye shadow directly to your brow, and then outlining the edges in a dark color.


The Feathered Brow

The feathered brow is the result of brushing your hairs in different directions and spreading out the individual strands. This look plays best on those with thicker brows.

Credit: @violette_fr/Instagram

Glitter Brows

Think of it as an upgrade from your sparkly eye shadow – or as a disco ball on your face.

Credit: @sophiahadjipanteli/Instagram

The Unibrow

Be yourself, do your thing, grow it out – whatever helps you rock the au naturel look. Maybe we’re spending too much time fussing over our brows, anyway.

Credit: @glamgk/Instagram

Ponytail Brow

Though it’s not as easy as tossing your hair into a pony in the morning, the ponytail brow is a fun take on a classic hairstyle that’s actually pretty cute.

Credit: @alexalink/Instagram

The Carved Brow

The carved brow is actually one of the easier looks to recreate. It’s done primarily with eye shadow (along with a nice, neat wax) and gives you a hella-dramatic arch.

Credit: @showmemakeup/Instagram

The Foil Brow

The foil brow is a mod upgrade to your makeup routine, and (thankfully) there’s very little plucking involved.

Credit: @k.stryczynska/Instagram

The Braided Brow

Bad news: You can’t actually braid your eyebrows. Bummer, I know. But you can create this look with makeup or by gluing fake braided hair over your brows.

Credit: @shinybeautiz/Instagram

The Lightening Bolt Brow

And finally, the newest addition to the brow family: the lightning bolt. You don’t actually need to wax your brows into the shape (although you can if you’re hardcore). But all you really need is a steady hand and a solid supply of eye shadow and brushes.

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