Meet Ben of Ben’s Garden: The Entrepreneur Talks Inspiration & Design

He was just 19 years old when a little lifestyle brand called Anthropologie placed an order for every design in his collection. Since then? Ben Busko, president of Ben’s Garden – a prime destination for unique gifts and home goods – has taken his decoupage pieces to more than 800 independent boutiques around the world. Eager to know more, Rue Living sat down with the young entrepreneur to talk aesthetics, inspiration, and the future of his namesake label.

Rue La La Interview with Ben Busko of Ben's Garden

How would you describe your aesthetic?
Ben’s Garden Collection includes a curated library of beautiful imagery and quotes discovered in antique notes with charming calligraphy and typeset from an antique typewriter. Ben’s Garden pieces are meticulously designed and chosen with such care to tell a story, from antique to modern, with wit, beauty, humor, and charm.

Where do you seek inspiration?
Today I live in New York City, steps from a garden – The High Line Park. There is fantastic inspiration in everything. Though lately, more so after my first morning latte.

What do you like to incorporate into every design?
I believe paramount to great design is that it reflects the true individual personality of each person I work with. When friends and family come to one of my stores or to my home, my objective is for them to see parts of me, things I adore, and the adventures I’ve taken.

What are some of your most beloved pieces?
Day after day I become more of a long-winded storyteller and a very particular collector. One of my favorite designs now is the decoupage tray created in an antique typeset from 1820 called Dear Mom, I Love You. The simplicity, sincerity, and truth speak volumes to me.

How do you use your decoupage trays?
They’re at home on my desk as a valet, hanging on the wall with a plate hanger, or standing on a shelf with a plate stand.

What makes your designs stand out from the rest?
They reflect parts of me. There is a true sincerity to their meaning. My entire Collection is made in New York, and there is an honor to the tradition of artisan techniques that bring integrity to their design. Ben’s Garden is always evolving with new designs to keep everything exciting.

Where do you see Ben’s Garden heading in the future?
I just turned 30. At this point, I expected to have 200 retail stores, a magazine, a series of published books – the list goes on. Ben’s Garden retail stores will continue to open in cities across the country. The Ben’s Garden Collection will grow into new categories and evolve in fresh and fun ways to represent the best of what we do and what we love.

Our Ben’s Garden Boutique opens Tuesday, April 29, at 11AM ET.

By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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