Beyond Floor to Ceiling: Painting Tips from Benjamin Moore®

The season for opening the windows, donning those ripped jeans, and trying your hand at refreshing every wall color is here. And when it comes to painting, we turn to none other than Andrea Magno, Color & Design Expert at Benjamin Moore.

To date, we’ve touched on sheen levels, chevron stripes, and the just-right balance of dark and light. Today’s topic? Adding dimension with paint. No, not top coats and bottom coats. We’re talking the technique of using different paint tones, shades, and finishes in the same space. From matte finishes to accent ceilings, our go-to paint pro discusses the ways.

Benjamin Moore Painting Tips

Rue La La: How would you suggest creating dimension with neutrals?
Andrea Magno: Perhaps the wall in one color with a matte finish, the trim in a lighter value than the wall with a semi-gloss, and then the ceiling can either be a step lighter than the trim or maybe a step darker than the wall in a flat finish. This look can extend to the materials used in the room, such as bedding, carpets, draperies, and even accessories, to provide a blend of texture and finish.

RLL: How can Members use paint colors to separate spaces, such as in a great room?
AM: Color selection in an open floor plan can be tricky. Try to find natural breaks and use hues that create a smooth transition. This will help to avoid any abrupt color changes that can be distracting to the overall space. Use a darker or lighter variation on a color for an adjoining room.

RLL: What’s an effective way to create a focal point in a room?
AM: Use a painted piece of furniture in a fun color or paint the insides of a bookshelf. Paint the wall where a headboard will be placed or bring attention to a fireplace mantel with color. Color is a great tool to direct the eye through a space.

RLL: Can homeowners accent with dark colors to make a room feel bigger?
AM: The best way to achieve this is with a dark ceiling. In a small bathroom, for instance, a deeper tone will make the ceiling appear endless, so the small room will feel taller than it really is. The trick to using dark colors in a room is to keep it balanced with materials – especially if the room has little natural light.

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By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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