Feature-Length America

If we had to boil our country down in one film, it’d be a hybrid of these everyone’s-seen-them classics. Fun, sharp-witted, and heavy on the nostalgia, these flicks get better with each view – and always have us feeling at home.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Sharing a nationality with this perfect-in-every-way portrayal of a Manhattan society girl (not to mention, the original Little Black Dress)? We couldn’t be prouder.

Troop Beverly Hills. Okay, so maybe this ritzy take on peddling Girl Scout cookies isn’t a totally accurate portrayal of American girlhood. But we’d like to think it is.

Caddyshack. This summer-at-the-club classic’s super-quotable script? It’s been keeping party conversations afloat since 1980. (“Gunga galunga.”)

Titanic. Because what American middle-schooler didn’t learn how to slow-dance to this epic film’s equally epic theme song?

Jaws. This film has summer in salty New England perfected. Sure, there’s a gigantic killer shark involved – but how fun is the island’s kick-around, seafaring style?

The Shawshank Redemption. During courtship with an American male, there is a (very strong) chance he will mention that the The Shawshank Redemption is the greatest film of all time. When he does this – just agree with him. It’s easier that way.

The Godfather. Sure, it’s centered around an Italian family – but packed with 40’s-style glitz, gangsters, and quotes that never get old, this film is one of our favorite American institutions.

-By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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