The Beauty Beat

Who knew our beloved wine nights could contribute to our beauty routine? InStyle shows us how to make wine corks into hair curlers, plus a variety of other at-home hair tricks. It’s amazing what you can do with everyday household items (hint: you may need a new toothbrush).

Forget the museum – the girls in the beauty department at Glamour have compiled 5 cool DIY nail art ideas to help us create our own masterpieces. The best part? All of these were created with scotch tape.

After your base coat dries, cut Scotch Tape to fill the space you don’t want painted and apply it to the nail. Press down firmly and then paint your next coat. Repeat until you have the pattern you want! A little trick: to keep polish from bleeding or smudging, apply a clear top coat in between each new layer.

We’ve always wondered what causes that tiny spot in our eyebrows to stop growing. Is it simply overplucking or something to do with our beauty routine? Heather Muir from Allure investigates two different perspectives.

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– By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

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