Don’t Moan: And Other Barbershop Etiquette Tips

When you sit in that chair at your local barbershop, you’re placing your hair’s well-being into the capable hands of your barber. Which means one thing: It’s wise to stay on his good side. Esquire agrees and has put together a comprehensive guide on what not to do to ensure you come out of your barbershop or salon looking great – and welcome to return.

Barbershop Etiquette

What made the cut? A few favorites:

  1. Don’t Moan. No matter how wonderful it feels to have someone playing with your hair, no need to make them uncomfortable.
  2. Don’t Touch Things That Aren’t Yours. A.K.A, put those scissors and shears down – they’re not toys.
  3. Brush Your Teeth and Put on Some Deodorant. Your poor barber or stylist has to get up close and personal, so be nice and keep malodorousness at bay.

No need to panic. The barbers and hair stylists interviewed assured Esquire that the majority of guys they see behave like gentlemen. But the next time the barber gives you a one when you ask for a two? Well, we’re not one to point fingers, but…

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By Christine Mitchell, Staff Writer

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