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11 Baby-Name Predictions for Kate Middleton’s Third Royal Baby-to-Be


Her approximate due date isn’t until Spring 2018, but for those looking to get a jump-start on predicting Kate Middleton’s next royal baby name, we’ve got a handful of regal contenders to keep on your radar, boy or girl. Because think about it: Finding an adorable follow-up to George and Char is no small job. Place your bets!

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It’s a favorite for sure – the name comes from Queen Victoria’s daughter, but also Prince Philip’s mother, a.k.a. Prince William’s great-grandma. (No pressure, Wills.)

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With Charles, Henry (that’s Harry to you), Edward, William, and James all taken, Arthur – as in King Arthur—is the only famously royal moniker not currently taken. #justsaying

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Yep, this one’s been bubbling up as a middle name for royals for centuries, but it hasn’t been used as a first name since the Middle Ages. Ding ding ding.

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Name of the oldest son of King George, it’s currently a popular pick on many British baby name lists, ranking at #75. Even crazier, its nickname (Freddie) ranks at #17.

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Okay, so it hasn’t been in circulation for a royal heir since the 1500s, but three medieval queens and several princesses donned the moniker, making it a top contender for Kate’s royal baby (who, BTW, is fifth in line to the throne).

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The backstory: Queen Victoria loved her hubby so much, she used the name for all of her male descendants. She even signed a royal decree that the Prince of Wales’s first son must have this name. (Worst mother-in-law, ever.) Still, it’s a contender.

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Speaking of which, Victoria is an outlier at the moment, but it has royal roots and is slightly more modern than George and Charlotte. (It’s currently ranked #88 on British baby name lists.)

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Sure, it’s currently in use by Prince Henry Harry, which could cause some confusion, but the name is a classic and a favorite. Chances are it’s on Will and Kate’s list.

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Not only is the name steeped in British tradition – Amelia was the daughter of George II and George III – it’s ranked #1 in England right now. (It also sounds sweet alongside George and Charlotte.)

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A name originated from the notable Anglo-Saxon king, they could call him Alfie for short. (Prince Alfie, aww!)

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Okay, so it’s not authentically royal, but Grace Kelly was a princess by marriage, which puts this name in the running. (Let’s call it the royal wild card.)

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