Hair Hang-Up: How to Avoid Hat Hair and Static

November is here. Which means it’s officially time to free your beanies and fedoras from their under-the-bed storage bins and refresh yourself (sigh) on the cold-weather topper’s inevitable drawbacks: hat hair and static. Here, a few simple tips to fight the season’s biggest hair hang-ups.

Hat Hair

Make sure your hat is the right size. If it’s too tight, flat hair (or, for guys, that dreaded ring around the head) is practically guaranteed.

Don’t put a hat on over wet hair. As your locks dry, they’ll also be cemented into the shape of your hat.

Style your hair to suit your hat. Choose a style that already has a lot of texture, like a French braid. Any would-be dents will blend right in. Low, loose buns work wonders, too. 

Simply go straight. By blowing your hair out, you’ll avoid the flat-on-top, full-on-the-bottom hair paradox.

Wet. Dry. Repeat. When all else fails, track down the nearest bathroom, use warm water to dampen the indented section of your hair, and use your fingers to comb it out under a hand dryer. Repeat if necessary until it’s smooth once more.

Static your only issue? Consider yourself lucky. Just keep a few dryer sheets or a mini bottle of lotion in your tote. A gentle once-over will ground your flyaways in seconds – well – flat.

By Lindsay Lambert, Editor

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