Just Signed the Lease? Grab Artful Essentials for New Homes

Just moved in? On a budget? We understand. When it comes to home design, starting from scratch can feel like an impossible feat. But, we’re here to prove that it shouldn’t take a floor-to-ceiling redo to liven up your space. Here are the key pieces you need to get started.

Decorate Your New Home

In the Bedroom

  • A stylish headboard to anchor the room. Wood calls for rustic or nautical-inspired bedding, while tufted says chic and traditional.
  • Mix-and-match bedding. We’re talking more than a simple sheet-and-comforter combo. Create layers with coordinating and contrasting prints and textures.
  • A bold rug. Before piling on pillows and choosing curtains, pick one out. It will set the color direction for every accent.

In the Dining Room

  • A standout chair. Incorporate one or two upholstered pieces in bright colors to break up your single-hued set.
  • An oversized mirror offers the illusion of expanded space while reflecting light – be it daylight or candlelight – to give the room a warm glow.
  • Head-turning lighting. Whether with traditional chandeliers or industrial-inspired lamps, light draws the eye, putting your style front and center.

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