Apartment 34’s Five Tips for a Stellar Staycation

pics 1: perk up with fun summer fashion, 2: the beautiful Bay Bridge, 3: the Golden Gate, 4: Fenton’s ice cream in Oakland, 5: The Ferry Terminal Building, 6: The joy of a hotel bed, 7: Summer shopping in an Acne romper, 8: Coit Tower

While we’d all love to enjoy a dream summer getaway, you don’t have to hop a jet plane {I think the kids are calling it a G6 these days} to escape the day-to-day doldrums. You can pack up, be it a purse or overnight bag, and head out for fun in the sun in your own backyard! I’ve recently rededicated myself to fully enjoying my hometown of San Francisco and I’ve been loving every minute of it.

So if you’d like to  take full advantage of fun in the sun, here are my top tips for staycation success!

1. Play tourist in your own town.
Pick the sights you always send out-of-town guests to and check them out yourself. {bonus, try to see them with new eyes, like you haven’t driven by them 100 time before}

2. Give yourself permission to sleep in.
There’s no better time to be lazy, than a summer Sunday morning.

3. Revel in summer treats.
Eat ice cream. You deserve it.

4. Indulge in a night away, even if it’s only down the block!
Plan a little overnight at a hotel. Many provide major discounts for locals. You’d be amazed how even one day away from your to-do list will help you unwind.

5. Refresh your wardrobe.
The best thing about summer? All the season’s hottest pieces go on sale in June so pick up that new dress or sandals at huge savings and you’ll have the entire summer to enjoy them.

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