Amp Up Your Denim Arsenal for Spring

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Spring is in the air – and if it’s not in your closet just yet, now’s the perfect time to add a little color. Bold denim gets a fresh update this season with brighter brights, girly pastels, and polished patterns. Still a little weary of straying from your tried-and-true baby blues? Here’s a few tips for easing into this unconventional denim trend:

1. Keep extras neutral.
Go for a monochromatic look (everywhere besides the pants) by wearing an allover black, white, or tan ensemble and letting your jeans be the focal point of the outfit.

2. Swap in color at the last minute.
Try putting together an outfit with indigo denim, then trade in those jeans for a brightly hued pair instead. You won’t feel confused or held back by color.

3. Have fun with it.
Play with patterns, stripes, or metallics on top (or on foot) for a pop of personality. And don’t shy away from jewelry – a red ring paired with red jeans can tie the whole look together.

Our HUDSON Jeans Boutique opens Sunday, March 10, at 11AM ET.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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