Amazing Lace: The Demure Detail Takes the Spotlight

Whether it’s a flirty flourish around the neckline or an all-over one piece wonder, one thing’s for sure: lace is no longer limited to undergarments and china dolls. Worn by royalty  lace is proving to be a highly versatile style staple that can work its modest charm on almost any ensemble.

Although this timeless fabric may appear innocent, beware of the difference a mere color change can make (white = feminine and sweet, black = seriously sultry), so use with caution. If you’re trying to work lacy details into your wardrobe, look to these cocktail dresses for get-it-right inspiration:

1 – Bold Embellishments
Why it works: Taking the delicate factor out of lace is a great way to make it compatible with heavier fabrics, like satin. Be wary of going overboard though – too much heavy detailing can take away from the dress.

2 – A Little Something Extra
Why it works: The peek of lace at the neckline adds just a little more dimension to this otherwise perfect LBD. Keeping these smaller touches sheer also allows you to keep the neckline higher without sacrificing sex appeal.

3 – Full-On Frock
Why it works: A short, all-over lace number is the easiest way to add sophistication to your outfit. The key is to keep silhouettes fitted (but not tight), necklines high, and accessories super simple. The inevitable sheer effect over your shoulders (and maybe even your back) provides enough excitement.

4 – One-Sleeve Wonder
Why it works: An edgier take on the doe-eyed trend, this one-armed variety shows how versatile lace can be. The combination of the tight fit, bare shoulder, and alluring long sleeve give off a daring, don’t-mess-with-me, and mysterious vibe that practically demands attention.

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By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

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