Accessory Matchmaking: Necklines and Necklaces


If you ask me, when it comes to what types of necklaces go best with each neckline, I say – almost anything goes. High crewneck? Layer on the long beads. Plunging V-neck? Show it off with a sparkly number that hits right at the collar bone.

Bear in mind that with accessory freedom, comes great responsibility to avoid fashion no nos. These cardinal rules may be few, but they are the difference between genius pairings and accidental appearances on the “don’t” pages of a tabloid.

The Rules:


  1. The choker had its time (circa 1996), but it has since taken the backseat in today’s wardrobe. As a general rule, I say stay away, but if you’re working with a deep V neckline, I say lock it in a vault and sink it in the ocean. Deep necklines and chokers don’t mix.
  2. Make sure your necklace ends ½-1 inch above the beginning of your neckline (this doesn’t apply to long necklaces, of course). Partially covered jewels can look sloppy.
  3. If you’re petite, avoid long necklaces if possible. They tend to accentuate your short stature. If you’re like me and simply must wear them, make sure you layer them with lots of different lengths to pull the eye up.



  1. A classic word of advice: mimic your neckline with your necklace. This is always a fail-proof way to complement your neck, no matter how much (or how little) you’re trying to show.
  2. Save your most statement-making neck candy for simple necklines, be it a crewneck or strapless. I’m partial to keeping the top neutral so my necklace is the real focal point, but play with different patterns to find your favorite combo.
  3. Double up. Triple up. Quadruple up. Seriously, one is never enough in my opinion.


By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

What are your necklace-pairing tips? Share it in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala.

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