A Love for Lingerie


A Love for Lingerie

In our world, lingerie doesn’t only come out to play on Valentine’s Day. We believe that underpinnings should always be pretty and comfortable. So when we have a lingerie Boutique, we can’t help but fall head-over-heels in love. And we’re not the only ones! Rue La La model Lauren has spent countless hours wearing some of the world’s most unbelievably luxe undergarments. Here, she shares the styles she loves and gives us her tips on looking great in lingerie.

Rue La La: You’ve modeled everything from bold black bustiers to more delicate and demure pieces. Which was your fave? 
Lauren: I prefer lingerie in soft, natural tones that have a more romantic feel. Lace and scalloped edges are two details I tend to love on lingerie. 

Rue La La: Describe your perfect piece of lingerie. How should it make the wearer feel?
Lauren: It has a great way of making you feel gorgeous, but somehow very wearable at the same time. One of my favorite descriptions which comes to mind is… it feels like a sneaker but looks like a stiletto.

Rue La La: How do you get into lingerie shape (and please don’t say you scarf burgers and don’t exercise!)?
Lauren: I have to say my metabolism has always been kind to me, but it’s not doing all the work. The majority of the time I make healthier eating choices, on top of cardio a few times a week. I also stick to low-carb meals for a few days before shooting intimates.  

Rue La La: How should you choose your lingerie?
Lauren: I suggest buying lingerie that makes you feel sexy and self-assured. I think confidence is a huge factor in appearance. If you feel great in it, you’ll look great.

Rue La La: Any other tips to looking great in lacy lovelies?
Lauren: Buy lingerie that is fitting to your body type. There are so many varieties of lingerie out there – finding a piece that complements your body is a sure way to make you feel great.

Rue La La: Can a man buy his s/o lingerie without it going awry? How?
Lauren: As long as the guy knows her size (peeking in her drawer is strongly recommended!) then I say it’s a great idea! He liked the lingerie on the shelf – he will be sure to like it even better on his partner. 

Lauren is a model for Rue La La and makes fabulous chocolate chip cookies.


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