9 Skin-Care Resolutions We’re Making For A Glowing 2019

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After years of promising to cut back on cheese and hit the gym daily come January 1st, we’ve come to accept that most resolutions — big or small — are more of a work in progress than an instant transformation. But even though a new year doesn’t guarantee waking up a brand-new person overnight, it’s still the perfect opportunity to reset your intentions for the next 12 months and recommit to your goals. As part of our 2019 ambitions, we’ve set our sights on brighter, healthier skin.

Last year, we spent months testing cream-of-the-crop products that targeted our various concerns; this year, we’re buckling down on achieving real results by making skin-care resolutions worth sticking to. We’re adding new serums to our rotation to clear up acne scars, carving out more time for masking, and making smart investments to cut back on waste. Ahead, the promises we’re keeping to make 2019 our most glowing year yet…


Resolution: Clear Up Acne Scars

“2018 was the year I got rid of my adult acne, which means 2019 is the year I will get rid of my acne scars. I plan to double down on brightening serums, exfoliating pads, and masks — and schedule regular laser appointments with my derm in the months leading up to my wedding in October. I plan on making 30 my best skin year ever!” — Cat Quinn, beauty director


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Resolution: Keep A Balanced Complexion

“This year, one of my main goals is to keep my skin balanced. I’ve always had ups and downs with my complexion, but not just your regular-shmegular inconsistency: If it’s not acne, it’s redness, and sometimes it can get extra dry. But I’m taking a cue from Ariana Grande and saying ‘thank u, next’ to my skin’s bad behavior. I plan to start by dropping dairy (which causes my skin to flare up), finally buying a humidifier to tackle dry office air, and finding the products that will keep me in check, like this balancing toner.” — Thatiana Diaz, beauty writer


Resolution: Cut Out Paper Towels

“I have very little shame overall, so I am uncharacteristically embarrassed to fess up to a twice-daily habit that is as weird as it is wasteful: After cleansing, I always pat my face dry with… paper towels. I know, I know! But I just don’t trust the towels hanging on the back of the bathroom door to not have acne-causing bacteria hidden in every fiber, and every washcloth I’ve ever owned has mysteriously vanished. In 2019, I vow to stop prioritizing my skin over saving the planet by investing in this very luxurious set of seven gentle, finely-woven bamboo cloths, which I can throw in the hamper instead of the trash. Hopefully this will also motivate me to do my laundry once a week, as opposed to whenever I run out of clean underwear.” — Rachel Krause, senior beauty writer


Resolution: Clear Hyperpigmentation

“I love a good full-coverage foundation, but I am determined to make a completely clear complexion — without foundation — a reality in 2019. I’ve spent the last few weeks of 2018 talking to Black dermatologists about the products they use to fade dark spots of their own, and most of them couldn’t stop raving about this serum. So in addition to regular trips to my derm for chemical peels, I’ll be investing in this bottle to reach my clear-skin goals.” — Aimee Simeon, beauty writer


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Resolution: Don’t Slack On Sunscreen

“My sunscreen game started strong in 2018, but I’ll admit that I started to slack as winter creeped up. But if getting rid of hyperpigmentation is my goal, sunscreen needs to be a year-round priority of mine so existing spots don’t get worse. For the next few months, I’ll be swapping my regular moisturizer for something equally hydrating and protecting, like this Vichy formula. Once the weather is warmer, I’ll be protecting my skin with something more lightweight, like Glossier’s Invisible Shield.” — Simeon

Resolution: Use An Acne-Friendly Primer

“This past month, with its never-ending cycle of cheese plates and flutes of champagne, has not been kind to my skin. With breakouts along my chin that just won’t disappear and pimples in places I’ve never gotten them before, I’m really serious about banishing my acne for good this year. While I’ll keep using Cetaphil Daily Cleanser (which everyone from Michelle Obama to Kim Kardashian swears by), I also want to try to incorporate more acne-fighting ingredients into my routine anywhere I can. That’s why I’m really excited to try this primer, which has my favorite acne-fighting ingredient, salicylic acid, packed inside. I’m convinced that if I start using that and cut way back on my drinking (what’s up, dry January?), my acne will be gone by February 1st.” — Rachel Lubitz, senior beauty writer

Resolution: Use Retinol At Night

“In the last two years, I’ve really focused on locking in my morning skin-care routine — cleanser, essence, vitamin-C serum, hyaluronic-acid serum, and sunscreen — but at night, I fall into bed without even touching my face (I don’t wear makeup, so I can get away with this without breaking out).
“In 2019, I’m trying to create an evening skin-care routine that I can stick to. I’m starting by stocking my bedside stand with a mini bottle of Bioderma micellar water and cotton pads. By spring, I want to graduate to using a retinol serum every other night. Every dermatologist I meet goes on and on about the benefits of vitamin-A derivatives, so I’m trying to get some of that skin-care magic for myself.” — Jessica Cruel, deputy beauty director

Resolution: Mask More

“I used to be a devoted masker; if I wasn’t using at least two a day, I would reserve the entire weekend for morning and night masks. Now, I don’t do any of that — I’m lucky if I mask at least once a week. Slathering my skin in a pore-unclogging, acne-fighting, bump-busting formula is undoubtedly a treat I’ve been missing. To start, I’ll be digging back into this much-loved mask from Renée Rouleau in hopes that it’ll be the extra TLC my irritated skin needs.” — Sam Sasso, beauty writer


Resolution: Keep Up The Exfoliation

“Even though my face masks haven’t gotten much attention lately, my exfoliating toners certainly have. It’s not so much a resolution as a promise to continue using these resurfacing, balancing, and softening toners in the new year. Seriously, the results are staggering for someone who spent most of 2018 recovering from acne scars and dull texture. A few drops of my go-to formula twice a day should keep my skin as happy as it is right now, and that’s really all I’m hoping for.” — Sasso


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