8 Things Every Aquarius Should Have in Her Wardrobe

8 Things Every Aquarius Should Have in Her Wardrobe


We know, we know, Aquarians don’t like being told what they should or should not do, even when it comes to what’s in their closets. But even the most unique sign in the zodiac has a few universal traits. Here are eight things you’re guaranteed to find in any Aquarius gal’s closet (even if each piece is totally different from the next).

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Lots of Prints

Leopard and plaid and batik, oh my! With Uranus as their ruling planet, Aquarians are always looking to live their fullest, freest lives which means they’re definitely not limiting themselves to solid colors or even one bold print. We’d bet anything the first fashionista to sport the print mixing trend was an Aquarius.

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One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

Continuing that free spirit vibe is a desire to own original pieces that no one else has. Sometimes that means personalizing a piece with your initials; other times it means scouring vintage stores for the perfect Art Deco earrings. Either way, no one will be able to doubt those pieces are 100 percent you.

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Atypical Denim

As the most eccentric sign in the zodiac you simply can’t understand why someone would ever choose basic dark-wash skinny jeans over acid-wash with a funky fringe hem. We hear ya, sister.

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A Statement Tee

As an air sign, Aquarians can be mighty stubborn when it comes to their beliefs and opinions, and while they likely have no problem expressing themselves to close friends, they tend to be shyer when it comes to strangers. A statement tee can help express your thoughts without even opening your mouth.

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Funky Basics

You refuse to be put in a box and loathe restrictions of any kind, which means you’ll always find a way to make even the most basic wardrobe staples feel unique. For instance, all your friends own classic beige trench coats, but yours is the only one that’s fully lined with sequins. So ha.

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Colorful Handbags

Another easy way to stand out from the crowd? With vibrant pops of color that make each and every outfit feel much more lively and so much more your unique personality. (Bonus points if the rest of your outfit is as equally vivid.)

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Cobalt Blue

With the water bearer as your symbol it’s no wonder you’re drawn to all shades of blue. This bright tone, however, combines your love of attention-grabbing hues and water-inspired pieces. It doesn’t hurt that it’s flattering on all skin tones, too. 

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Something Tech-y

Aquarians are lightyears ahead of the rest of us when it comes to innovation and thinking about the future—in a way, they’re already there. A smart watch that makes you feel like a secret agent? Jeans that charge your cell phone? A solar-panel backpack with built-in GPS? You’ll try them all. And probably love them.

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