8 Easy Ways to Make Your Cut/Color/Style Last Longer Between Salon Visits
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8 Easy Ways to Make Your Cut/Color/Style Last Longer Between Salon Visits


You’d never be lazy about brushing your teeth—but here you are, not taking care of your haircut and color. Between salon visits, these easy-to-use products can help extend the gorgeous style you spent hours (and way too much money) getting.

Upgrade Your Pillowcase

That traditional cotton or linen pillowcase? It’s breaking your hair while you’re tossing and turning in your sleep. A silk pillowcase, however, lets your hair glide right over it—no pulling or breakage.

Try a Treatment for Thinning Hair

For short-term hair loss caused by stress or hormones, treat your scalp three times a week, then just once a month for maintenance. Treatments for thinning hair are often serum-based and moisturizing, so they’re great for taking care of a flaky scalp at the same time.

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Use Color-Protecting Shampoo Twice a Week

Want to keep that carefully applied hair color vibrant for as long as possible? Don’t wash your hair too often, and when you do, be sure to use a sulfate-free formula made to resist fading. Otherwise, your stylist’s hard work is just going down the drain.             

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Before you get your blow-dryer anywhere near your head (yes, we know air-drying is healthier,but whatever), you need a full-mane spritzing of a hydrating, silicone-free formula that will keep your ends from frying. This one minimizes wet hair breakage and smells faintly of citrus.

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What, you think your face and body are the only things that need sunscreen? Your hair—not to mention your scalp—is also prone to sun damage, so give your head an allover spritz before going outside.


We’re not coordinated enough to apply our own hair color, even if we could figure out how to see the hair on the back of our head. So we keep it simple with a few squirts of root cover-up onthe gray strands. It lasts ’til the next shampoo and lets us squeeze in a few extra weeks between color appointments.


Olaplex is a game-changing product you apply once a week or so for a half hour. It actually rejiggers the broken chemical bonds inside processed hair, leaving it stronger, softer and healthier-looking. (Trust us—we tried it.)

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Wear a Glam Shower Cap

Seriously, keep your blowout away from those misty shower jets and steamy baths. It’s easier to want to preserve your style when you’re wearing a cute retro-styled fabric cap lined with a waterproof layer.

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