5 Tweets You May Have Missed This Week

You probably can’t stay glued to your Twitter feed all day – that’s why we do it for you. From Hermès stethoscopes to Huffington Post wisdom, here’s what you need to know right now.

1. @designsponge: this clever device turns everything from a bottle to a cantaloupe into a shared serving vessel: http://bit.ly/LGvwsK
Strange – and yet oddly desirable. Now we want – no, need – one.

2. @mindykaling: You don’t HAVE to pose naked on the cover of a magazine when you’re super pregnant, do you?
There is a reason we’ll be watching Kaling’s new show.

3. @BlairEadieBEE: “I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the year’s.” – Henry Moore
Because, c’mon, can you really commit to a year of steamed veggies and no impulse purchases? Exactly.  

4. @johnjannuzzi: Anybody know where i can get an Hermes stethoscope?
If you find out, tweet us. Immediately.

5. @HuffingtonPost: Seriously. Is there anything cuter than babies and kittens?
Yes. Babies holding kittens. 

OK, what’d we miss? Post your favorite tweets of the week in the comments below, or tweet us, of course: @ruelala.


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