5 Tweets You Missed This Week

This week’s installment is all kinds of random—and that’s why we love it. Read on for NYC momzillas, life advice from DVF, and the requisite Kate Holmes/Tom Cruise tweet.

@StreetEtiquette: “Don’t ask permission. Do it now and regret later” – PauloCoelho
Except when it comes to borrowing our clothes, mmmkay?

@surisburnbook: Katie’s newfound confidence is the most unsettling thing I’ve experienced since the time I had brunch with Dick Cheney.
Can you blame her? She ditched that husband that called her by the wrong name (RIP Kate!).

@DVF: Generosity is the best investment ! Love Diane
If only it paid off credit card bills, too.

@DemetriMartin: One thing you never hear is “Man that guy is good at badminton.”
Such a underrated skill. 

@joannagoddard: New York is so weird sometimes. Just saw a message on an online forum searching for a “blocks and puzzles tutor” for a 1-year-old.
Hello! Puzzle skills correlate to higher SAT scores. Chop, chop! 

What’d we miss? Leave your favorite tweets of the week in the comments below, or tweet us, of course: @ruelala.

– By Katie Stinchfield, Senior Staff Writer

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