5 Trends That Will Be Huge This August
Credit: Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

5 Trends That Will Be Huge This August


From the Instagram pose that’s taking over your feed to the prettiest, healthiest cakes we ever did see, here are five trends that will be everywhere this August. 


Barbie Feet 

If you follow fashion bloggers, models, or any member of the Kardashian family on Instagram, you’ve seen it: Barbie feet, this summer’s hottest social-media pose. It’s basically standing on one’s tippy-toes while arching and pointing. Why? To make your legs look longer and more slender, of course. Don’t believe us? Take a scroll through your feed and judge for yourself if life in plastic is, in fact, fantastic.


Face Gyms 

Regular gyms are so last season. This month’s hottest workout is for… your face. A face gym is a spa-workout hybrid that’s popping up all over the world, from NYC to L.A. to London. During a session, a masseuse uses his or her hands and some tools (like flat jade and Derma Rollers) to stimulate blood circulation and collagen production to give the illusion of a face-lift without the needles. Hmm…


Credit: Melodie Jeng/Getty Images


OK, so gingham has never really gone out of style, but recently it’s been cropping up in street-style shots in new, fun, and unexpected ways. From skinny suits to mini bags, this isn’t your grandma’s picnic tablecloth. 


Credit: Wife Mama Foodie

Watermelon Cake 

Watermelon is synonymous with summer, but this season’s iteration is anything but expected. We first spotted watermelon cakes on Pinterest, and now they’re starting to pop up IRL at barbecues everywhere. Layered with berries or wrapped in kiwis, these treats are hydrating, delicious, and oh, so photogenic.  


Credit: Instagram


Do you like social media? Do you like TV? Instagram is betting you answered yes to both of those questions, which is why it’s just launched IGTV, basically as an alternative to YouTube. The feature’s been available since late June, but as more users get hip to its possibilities, expect to see even more content from your favorite celebs and brands. @PureWow, for example, posts short-but-sweet entertainment news roundups while @BlinkBeauty is a one-stop shop for makeup tutorials and hair tips. 



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