5 Top Travel Apps – Install Now, Thank Us Later

The musts for any getaway? These five apps that will essentially do the thinking for you. Vacation is a time to escape and take a (much-needed) break, so kick back, relax, and let them work their magic. I can already picture you on the beach with an ice-cold drink in your hand.

Top 5 Travel AppsImage via Inc.

1. Packing ProThere is nothing worse than getting to the airport – or, better yet, opening your suitcase in Paris – and realizing you’ve forgotten something. I mean, who wants to buy another rain jacket you’ll never wear again? This app allows for customizable lists and iCloud syncing to ensure nothing is left behind.

2. Free Wi-Fi FinderThis app from JiWire, featured above, is a dream come true. You can quickly and easily locate a Wi-Fi hot spot, then get directions there. Boom! You’re connected, wherever you are. Which means, don’t fret – you can upload those just-filtered-enough Instagram photos after all.

3. Camera+As an avid Instagram user, I can attest to this app. It is easy to use, but still gives pictures a professional and finished look. Just imagine that Caribbean water looking even more clear than it does in real life. Expect “I’m so jealous” comments from your friends. (All you have to do? Edit and upload.)

4. WorldMateThis app combines all your travel and booking info – from flights to hotels to car rentals – in one place, so you can spend less time searching through archived emails and more time exploring. If you happen to be on business, it even lets you schedule meetings and plan itineraries.

5. XE CurrencyA day of sightseeing calls for your morning cup of coffee. Before you spend five euros on a small, use this currency-converting app to find out how much it really costs (read: quite a pretty penny). Looks like you’ll be living on pure adrenaline instead…

By Natasha Iwanow, Copy Intern

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