5 Style Bytes You May Have Missed: #HappyNewYear Edition


‪@VintageCellars: What was your favorite ‪#wine you discovered in 2013?
After all that holiday fun, we’d venture to say that no wine is our favorite. Until next week.

‪@peoplemag: Selfie was the word of the year, and even our pets got involved! See the cutest furball selfies of 2013: ‪http://peoplem.ag/rG0yb 
If 2014 is even half as cute as this, we fear we might hit critical mass by, like, March.

‪@lindsaycwrites: I need to put on a bra and act like a human being today.
Says who? Today is a fleece-pants-all-day day, as far as we’re concerned.

‪@ComicBookGrrl: New reality show: ‘Top Chef MMA’. When the host doesn’t like a dish, instead of complaining he straps on the gloves and fights the cook.
We’ll even pass on watching the Rose Parade if this is somehow magicked into existence.

‪@scalzi: I’m having cookies for breakfast. Judge me all you want.
No judgment. Just jealousy, as our resolutions kicked in approximately 12 hours ago. #hello2014

By Jess Huckins, Copyeditor

Surely we missed something, so send us your favorite tweets of the week: @ruelala.

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