5 Style Bytes You May Have Missed


‪@tyrabanks: Running late to a meeting. Why? Because I couldn’t get my damn winged eyeliner straight!
Something tells us they’ll wait. (Besides, eyeliner = priority.)

‪@HotelFoxtrot: God bless whoever invented fleece tights.
And don’t bless whatever phenomenon is making us still need them. #almostspring

‪@dallasshaw: And yes I am spending my fri night in bed reading. Commence judging.
Even the ultra-stylish need downtime. #youregood

‪@KennethCole: Life is short. Buy the damn ‪#shoes.
Go on, listen to the man.

‪@dkny: How to get through Monday: Dress chic & carry on.
In our world, this applies to every day.

By Jess Huckins, Copyeditor

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