5 Style Bytes You May Have Missed

‪@Variety: “This Is the End” was the last movie rented from Blockbuster ‪#irony | ‪http://on.variety.com/1fxcC8v 
Let’s take a moment of silence for our childhood. Okay. Now: This seriously couldn’t have gone any better if they’d planned it.

‪@KaitlinRee: Off-brand BBQ chips have a recipe for meatballs on the back. I get all my recipes from bags of chips.
You can make meatballs with BBQ chips? Time to call every Italian grandma we know to ask why she never mentioned this magic.

‪@justinshanes: Running out of cranky co-workers to blast with my “Sounds like someone had their Grumpkin Spice Latte today” line.
We’re keeping this in mind for a future Monday.

‪@BostonDotCom: The latest news on Mike Napoli is that the Red Sox ‘absolutely’ want him back. ‪#RedSox hot stove 2013: ‪http://bo.st/1aCvgqu 
We absolutely want him, too. Oh. Did we say that out loud?

‪@camillestyles: A cheese-lover’s guide to holiday appetizers :: ‪http://camillestyles.com/tuesday-tastings/a-cheese-lovers-guide-to-holiday-appetizers/ …
Cheese. In. Everything. Welcome to holiday heaven.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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