4 Reasons You’d Be Happier in the Tropics Today

Why You Should Head to the Tropics

  1. It’s barely January, and you’ve already turned cozy into a verb. Cozify (v): To snuggle oneself away for winter. Think hibernation, but with more emails.
  2. You’re crazy cold. See: Cozify, above. Nearly half of the country (that’s 140 million people) will be hanging out in zero or subzero weather by Wednesday. Poor North Dakota recently dipped to 30 below, with windchill pushing negative 50.
  3. It’s – wait for it – currently 82 degrees on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.
  4. Also on the North Coast? Some of the longest stretches of unspoiled beaches in the Caribbean. All fringed by palm trees. Which have never, ever seen snow.

Ready to thaw? Make a beeline for the Dominican Republic (where you can sleep with your windows as open as you’d like) and wait this winter out.

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By Joanna Berliner, Editor 

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