35 Ways to Make Mom Jeans Look Cool
Credit: StyleCaster

35 Ways to Make Mom Jeans Look Cool

StyleCaster | Perrie Samotin

If you’re like me and prefer the ultra-butt-flattering, high-waisted, stiff denim of vintage Levi’s – a.k.a. cool-mom jeans –over the stretchy stuff of tweeny jeggings, you’ve probably spent an inordinate amount of time hunting for the perfect pair and wondering what actually looks good with them.

I tend to stay away from bulky tops – the jeans are bulky enough – but also don’t always want to wear a crop top or teeny-tiny tank. Ahead, 35 street-style stars, It girls, and fashion bloggers show you what to pair with mom jeans to make them look cool, flattering, and very right-now.

A version of this article was originally published in July 2016.

With Black Boots

Credit: liangalliard/Instagram

With a Jean Jacket

Credit: melk.not.milk/Instagram

With a Sweater

Credit: fashion_panic/Instagram

With an Extra-Long Cardigan

Credit: nikitadmadhani/Instagram

With a Leather Jacket

Credit: dailykongfidence/Instagram

With a Trench Coat

Credit: Victoria Tornegren


With a Pink Tee

Credit: Fashion Me Now


With a Black Tee & Mules

Credit: Stella Wants to Die


With an Off-the-Shoulder Blouse

Credit: Lady Addict


With a White Tee & Black Pumps

Credit: Victoria Tornegren


With an Off-the-Shoulder Tunic

Credit: Andy Heart


With a Denim Blazer

Credit: Thrifts and Threads


With All the Right Accessories

Credit: Bartabac

Anoush Kaprobyn 


With a Satin Letterman

Credit: Getty Images


With Satin

Credit: Bisou Natasha


With a Grey Tee

Credit: Deer Circus


With a Crop Top

Credit: Little Black Boots

With a Striped, Long-Sleeved Button-Up

Credit: mypeeptoes/Instagram

With a Backless Shirt

Credit: charlsabrina/Instagram


With Heavy Sandals

Credit: Where Did U Get That


With a Leather-Detailed Jacket

Credit: Getty Images


With an Embellished, Long-Sleeved Blouse

Credit: Getty Images


With a Printed Letterman Jacket

Credit: Getty Images


With a Men’s Shirt

Credit: Life of Boheme

With Black Accessories

Credit: sylwia_maria/Instagram


With an Attention-Grabbing Blouse

Credit: Getty Images


With a Tucked, Pink Tee

Credit: Fashion Me Now


With a Plain, Black Tee

Credit: Getty Images


With a Silky Blouse

Credit: ImaxTree


With a Tucked, Striped Shirt

Credit: Bisous Natasha


With a Tee & Flats

Credit: ImaxTree


With a Front-Tucked Sleeveless

Credit: BTD Daily


With a Blazer

Credit: And I Get Dressed


With a Graphic Tee

Credit: Getty Images



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