31 Days of New

31 Days of New

Call me anti-January, but I’m typically not one for New Year’s resolutions. The fact that we’re expected to turn over a new leaf on January 1 – a day when many of us wake to a dreadful, post-bubbly hangover – has always felt a touch ironic. Yet this year, after a particularly hectic 2012, the thought of a resolution suddenly felt right. So I resolved – not for some sort of vague, broad-stroked goal (“eat healthy, save money”) – but to start small, with January.

This January, I will try something new every day. Thirty-one days of new.

Here’s a peek at week one:

Try a new food: Farro
With every intention of trying sea urchin or some gelatinous, gag-inducing organ on January 1, I instead began safely: an ancient grain found not in the back corners of Chinatown but front and center at my little subterranean Trader Joe’s. Its barley-like consistency paired (perhaps too perfectly) with my “kitchen sink” method of cooking – take some sort of grain, add anything and everything in fridge, consume.

Try a new gym: Sports Club/LA
Nothing against my tried-and-true gym (promise), I jumped at the chance to try Boston’s luxest of the luxe – for free. Tucked above the glitzy Ritz, Sport Club/LA’s two pristine floors of cardio, class space, squash courts, and more was like stepping into another world filled with Lululemon-clad superhumans. Lavender-scented towels enticed post-elliptical, but I have to say – I’ll take my come-as-you-are gym any day, thank you very much.

Try a new restaurant (in a new part of town): Posto in Davis Square & Tangierino in Charlestown
Trying new restaurants is one of my very favorite things to do, so I felt a little guilty putting it on my list. But in a new part of town? Totally counts. The squash pizza at Posto – heaped with roasted veggies and sage and baked to the perfect char in a woodfired oven – and the belly dancers (and anise-studded rolls) at Tangierino were most definitely worth the extended T ride.

Try a new fitness class: The Bar Method
I’ve been meaning to try barre for months, but frankly, it intimidated me. So when my friend mentioned she was taking a morning class, I took it as my cue to tag along. Fast forward through an hour of “Joanna, tuck your seat, point your toes, extend your leg…” I left hurting – and glowing – then immediately went home to book a class for the next morning.

The rest of the week, the “new” continued. I wore a leather tee to work – paired with fur. I drank 100 ounces of water in one day. I signed up for editing classes. I tried Duk Gook – Korean rice cake soup. I whipped up an insane green smoothie – and drank the whole thing. And now, eight days into it, I feel surprisingly rejuvenated – but also quite aware that I have just barely left my comfort zone.

Goal for the week ahead? Kick this resolution up a notch.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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