3 Subtle Ways to Embrace the Logomania Trend
Credit: @haileybaldwin/Instagram

3 Subtle Ways to Embrace the Logomania Trend

Logomania. If you’re not familiar with the fashion buzzword, it’s exactly what it sounds like: logos… and a lot of them. It’s a resurgence of the in-your-face boldness of the 90s, and a way for designers to reassert their brand identity – which we love. But as much as we are all for head-to-toe Fendi, it’s not exactly practical for most of us. Today, we’re dishing on three ways to (subtly) embrace this trend.



The Bag

The easiest way to get in on #logomania? Accessorize. Throw on your lived-in basics and let a monogram bag do the talking (literally). 



The Tee

A logo tee is an definitely an investment, but one you’ll live in. For those mornings when you just can’t get it together, it’s your fashion lifesaver. Toss it on with boyfriend jeans and so-undone hair for instant cool-girl status.



The Belt

If you’re taking baby steps into the logomania world, a belt is the move. It’s subtle enough that you can wear it with every outfit and it’s functional. That’s a win in our book.


Written by Kelly Schneider, Staff Writer 


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