Update Your Home Design: 3 Architectural Styles, Defined

From art deco to contemporary, the list of American architectural styles is endless. But today, we’re highlighting three: colonial, ranch, and modern loft. The best part? Whatever your home’s exterior look, with the right furniture and décor, you can bring these chic styles inside.

Update Your Home Design: 3 Architectural Styles, Defined

History: The style of houses built by English settlers in America between the 17th and 19th centuries.
Look: Symmetrical, square facade with slanted roof and twin chimneys.
Furniture Pairings: Think simple, handmade wooden beds, armoires, and desks.

History: Development began during the population boom of postwar 1940s.
Look: Single-story houses with long, low rooflines and sliding glass doors.
Furniture Pairings: Think minimalist yet rustic L-shaped couches and sprawling dining tables.

Modern Loft
History: Made popular by struggling artists in 1980s Manhattan.
Look: Industrial and unfinished with high ceilings and open spaces.
Furniture Pairings: Think space-saving pieces like storage benches and nesting tables.

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By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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