23 Ways to Turn Your Garment Rack into a Genuine Piece of Home Decor
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23 Ways to Turn Your Garment Rack into Actual Home Décor

StyleCaster | Lindsey Lanquist

Whether putting a garment rack in your room is a creative choice or a necessity (I know how small New York City apartments can get), there are plenty of ways to go about it. Here, 23 genuinely cute ways to turn your garment rack into a piece of home décor.


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Assemble whole outfits by hanging clothes on your rack and putting accessories under it.


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Make your extended closet blend into the background by only hanging clothes that match your walls.


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Perfect for planning your next getaway.


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Not sure where to put your lingerie? Problem solved.


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Hang shelves above your garment rack to create a straight-up closet wall.


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Put a curtain behind your garment rack to give it even more of a homey feel.


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Fill your garment rack corner with hats, shoes, and more.


Credit: Grace Bonney

Position near a mirror for an optimal trying-things-on situation.

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Instead of getting a traditional garment rack, hang a tree branch to achieve ultimate bohemian home décor status.


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Save money on a headboard and opt for a garment rack instead.

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Go the minimalist route and hang a few articles of clothing rather than filling your rack.


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I would’ve never considered hanging records above a garment rack, but honestly, it works.


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Bright, consistent colors will keep everything looking great.


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Get a garment rack with a shoe shelf for ultimate accessory display potential.


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If your suitcase is cute, why not display it, too?


Credit: Little Deer

An expert lesson in filling a space without making it feel cluttered.


Credit: Stylizmo

If your bedroom has a palette, make sure your garment rack does, too.


Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Think outside the box and get a hanging garment rack instead of a traditional rolling one.


Credit: Monroe Trades

Remember, not everything has to be symmetrical.


Credit: Auguste et Claire

Hard to go wrong with a rose-gold rack.


Credit: Jessica Alexander

The perfect thing to put in corners too small for anything else.

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Like a coat closet – but cuter.


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An excellent place to store your capsule wardrobe.


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