26 Ways to Infuse Your Home with Lagom, Hygge’s Little Sister
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23 Ways to Infuse Your Home with Lagom, Hygge’s Little Sister

StyleCaster | Lindsey Lanquist

A special kind of coziness dominated the way we approached 2017. Hygge, a Danish word that conveys that comfortable, fuzzy feeling you get every time you enter a room full of fluffy pillows and blankets, pervaded our lifestyles. I’ve never sipped from so many mugs, purchased so many throws, or dreamt of escaping to so many mountain homes.

These days, life is about lagom, a Swedish word meaning “just the right amount.” (It’s as if we had to navigate our own Goldilocks and the Three Bears narrative and we’ve finally found our “just right.”)

Lagom isn’t about scarcity or abundance; it’s about balance. You can buy plants without turning your apartment into a greenhouse. You can stock up on pillows and blankets while keeping your bedding solidly white. You can line your shelves with decor without making them feel cluttered. Lagom is neither a minimalist’s nor a maximalist’s paradise – it’s a sweet spot for everyone else.

In case you’re having trouble conceptualizing this enigmatic Swedish concept, I’ve compiled 23 lagom-filled photos you can flip through at your leisure. You’ll find them below.


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Want to line your shelf with books without disrupting your carefully curated color scheme? Flip around the ones that don’t fall in-palette to hide the spines.


Credit: Gratiocafe

Sparse, thoughtfully placed decor keeps a room feeling full, but not cluttered.


Credit: Nina Kullberg

Instead of buying tons of tiny plants, opt for one larger one.


Credit: 99 Home Decor Pictures

Don’t feel stressed to fill your shelves to the brim. Stock up on what you need, and embrace the white space.


Credit: Photowall

A reading nook that feels open and cozy at the same time.


Credit: Sainsbury’s Home

Simultaneously dreamy and minimal.


Credit: @themoptop/Instagram

It doesn’t matter what Scandinavian philosophy you’re embracing – a bath tray will make your life better. (But to keep things lagom, make sure you’re not cluttering the corners of your tub. One candle – not 10.)


Credit: Pinterest

Minimalism means sticking to one kind of chair. Hygge means mixing and matching homier pieces. Lagom lets you do both.


Credit: Pinterest

Who needs a mountain house filled to the brim with cozy decor when you have a porch, a tiny table and the great outdoors?


Credit: Maysee & Maple

You know it’s not hygge because there are only two blankets on the bed.


Credit: Pinterest

Welcoming without feeling overdone, right?


Credit: Nicolette Johnson

Remember, it’s all about moderation. Focus on what you need – but don’t beat yourself up for not paring things down excessively.


Credit: Tumblr

A few pieces of art – when framed in a coherent palette – can complete a room without overwhelming it.


Credit: John Lewis

Put the focus on your favorite pieces without literally living out of a suitcase.


Credit: Habitissimo

The bench feels cozy. The chairs feel sleek.


Credit: Jane Olander/Stadshem

Let some light into your dreamy oasis.


Credit: John Lewis

The cutest damn laundry display I’ve ever seen.


Credit: Amtico

Open and simple, but not quite minimal.


Credit: Photowall

Subtly textured walls go a long way.


Credit: SF Girl

Desk decor that won’t distract.


Credit: Jay Adores

Organized, cozy, practical.


Credit: Tumblr

Again, a couple of bigger plants are worth a hundred tiny ones.


Credit: Pooky

Proof “mixing and matching” and “sleek home style” aren’t mutually exclusive.


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