How to Get Your Kid to Love Reading: The 100 Best-Ever YA Books

Kids these days, people think. With their smartphones, Bluetooth, and eight ways to chat with their BFFs without leaving the house, attention spans are nonexistent. It’s a scary, scary world.

Well, as a member of the Millennial generation, let me enlighten you. I remember life before Google, and my talent for finding distractions was just as developed as any kid’s is today.

That is where NPR’s list of best-ever teen novels comes in handy.

Parents, hear this – it just takes one. My turning point was the year I discovered a strange little book series called Weetzie Bat (see number 89). I was enthralled. I kept Borders in business, and my parents thought, Phew. Maybe she didn’t get switched at the hospital.

Read this list. It’s predictable and surprising at the same time. And so what if your kid chooses Twilight (bummer, I know)? They’ll come to their senses one day.

Just remember, they could be watching Teen Mom.

See, print, and read the full list at NPR.

By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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